Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Naughty babies

The babies had unraveled themselves

From their parents spool

Dropping to the floor on their soft fringed feet

No one heard as they patted down a windy path

Weaved their way to a silken sea

No one saw as they tangled themselves

Into the fibres of a ropey boat

And hid as the boats crew of scissors and crochet needles

Clicked and clacked their way

From stern to prow

The babies slid from The Ropey boat

Onto a flaxen shore and tip toed through mud and leaves

Through stringy gales

And thready storms

Over loops and bends

And kinks and streams

Until they found

Where the spinners lived.

The babies pulled strings from their tummies

Of golden and green

Strings from their heads of a shimmering sheen

Strings from each finger

Strings from both thumbs

Strings that held their laughter

And the glare from the sun

They piled these strings

Into the arms of the spinners

Who span and spun

Who twisted and twirled

Who knotted the strings from the baby boys and girls

And knitted and sewed

Until the spinners held

The longest, smartest, smoothest

Silliest scarf you've ever seen

With laughs from babies

And rays from suns

Trapped in its weave.

the babies leaped back

through the windy wind and the rain

Slipped onto the boat

And took on its earthly stain

Fell from the ship

In a matted mess

And wound their way to their parents

Who were crying in distress

“Where have you been”

They pleaded and pled

Why did you leave

What have we always said

Don't unravel

Don't let your frays touch the floor

Don't sneak out

When there are scissors abroad

And needles that will poke

and shorten your thread

Why did you go out

What's wrong with your heads

Then the babies

Unfurled their scarf of laughs

Their woolen stream of beams

And curled it around their parents

In never ending reams

And though the present was lovely

And got with the best of intention

The parents were angry

At the babies misdirection

And tied them tight to

To their rules of correction

They counted the babies in a stringy inspection

Until The babies learnt

That they shouldn't run off

No matter how good the reason

Because parents will worry

No matter what the season

Be it Christmas

Mother or Fathers day

Be it Easter or your brothers birthday

You should run off no matter

no way.

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