Tuesday, 2 December 2008

27th November 2008

The show is coming together wonderfully, today we had loads of fun playing on The String Machine Thingy it is a wonderful heath Robinson-esque contraption that sings, and alights and chugs and woos, we experiment with timing to decide how best to get the kids on to the machine – it has pedals and handles and bells which the kids will operate during the show.

Lowri's Emergency services man is becoming increasing prophetic as she comes to the rescue of stringy and Ropey who need help to get the String Machine Thingy working again. She speaks every line as if revealing the deepest darkest secret of the universe and has no qualms with grabbing hold of Ropey and Stringy and pouring her welsh dialect into their ears so that they are clear on what has to be done to make the machine work.

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