Sunday, 16 November 2008

How long is a piece of String - Rehearsals

Rehearsals have been in full swing for a few days but unfortunately I have missed them due to the dreaded lurgy which appears to be taking London by storm.  On arrival I am greatly pleased to see a rehearsal room festooned in strings and the rehearsal version of the String Machine Thingy that makes up a major part of the story. The actors show me their new warm-up with a song they have invented called 'How Long is a Piece of String' which is a swinging blues/jazz number complete with bee bops. Whilst they've been rehearsing I have been putting the final touches to The String Booklet, a booklet of poetry and exercises to accompany the show and which features a poem also called 'How Long is a Piece of String'.

Todays rehearsals are focusing on the songs - I have so far only heard rough recordings of the songs from MD Max Reinhardt - Hearing the songs live is beautiful. It's very touching to hear these pieces that only a couple of weeks ago were poetic explorations on my computer screen. Both Max and Musician Nik Ammar have done a great job setting the poetry to music and the vocal talents of the actors make the pieces... well.... sing!

After lunch I get to play baby as the actors perform the first half of the show to me - already without all the gubbins the show is looking great and part of me is wishing I was  3 years old so that I could be led over the stringy bridge by Ropey or take charge of a very stringy doggie.

Joseph Coelho

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