Monday, 24 November 2008

18th November

Today  the String team went to a local primary school to try out some parts of the play on a reception class. The play features a host of string babies that the young audience interact with. The babies have been beautifully made by the Oily design team. The children immediately took to the babies and believed in them, this was evident from the first song sung with the children 'How do you hold a baby' a song that demonstrates how best to look after a little stringy baba. After the song the children were asked what their babies like to eat and drink - now normally Tim Webb (director and co-writer) and I play the role of  'big kids' interacting with the actors as if we were two-six year olds. When we are asked what our babies like to drink we normally say things like Ribena or milk or hot chocolate the children however proved to be far more up to date - their babies like to drink coke! And when asked what they like to eat, there was no mention of sausages, or pancakes or jelly or any other kiddy food - no, these babies were eating their own legs!

After a little discussion on the well-being of their babies the children were taken on a journey down a Windy Path, across a Stringy Bridge and finally in a Ropey Boat all with sung instructions. To our relief the children quickly cottoned on to the "rules" of the game and had great fun following the path, swinging from the bridge, and sailing in the boat.

Finally the string babies were put to bed with their string mummy and daddy and the children were asked to tip toe back to class so as not to wake the  stringy sleepers and this they did diligently, tip toeing all the way across the hall and silently into their classrooms.

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